ConnectMed is a non-profit organization providing reconstructive surgeries to children and adults around the world who suffer from deformities and disfiguring injuries. Through telemedicine, we are able to provide follow up care after each surgery, as well as educational resources to health care providers and students around the world. With your donations we can connect with even more people who are suffering worldwide. Together, we transform lives.

  • The promotion of sustainable multidisciplinary health care and education. Accomplished through the combination of direct medical care and the establishment of an interactive telemedicine network between international sites.

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  • Meet Devirious, Eliza, and Tiyamike

    April 18, 2014

    Meet Devirious who is barely three months old.  He is awaiting ConnectMed’s visit, which will begin May 2nd, so he can be seen for his cleft lip, palate, and malformed limbs. Maria is just two years old and has undergone one surgery to correct her cleft lip, but is hoping to be a candidate for CMI to correct her palate as well. Eliza is also just two years old and has had one surgery already to begin correcting her cleft lip and palate.... Keep reading

  • Butterflies on the Bus

    April 2, 2014

    On February 28th the ConnectMed International team led by Dr. Amanda Gosman, traveled the long distance to Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon) in South Vietnam.  This was our first trip to provide surgeries in this city of almost 8 million people.  Arriving in the city, the team started the process of assembling our supplies and equipment and creating a CMI operating room and recovery area in the hospital that so graciously allowed us the use of their facilities.         Evaluation day was unique in the fact that we saw babies, babies and more babies; most under a year old.  Compared to many countries that CMI works in, we do not often see so many infants with cleft lip/palate.  These youngsters don’t always survive their first year due to severe malnutrition, and often times they are abandoned by their families because of this congenital deformity.           The first day of our scheduled surgeries had a beautiful moment to start the day off.  Sitting on the bus it was suddenly surrounded by hundreds of butterflies.  Someone said, “Close the doors, close the doors, we need to keep the butterflies off the bus!”           My thought was, “No!”  Open the doors and let the butterflies in, just like our babies waiting for a chance at a normal life.... Keep reading

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