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ConnectMed is a non-profit organization providing reconstructive surgeries to children and adults around the world who suffer from deformities and disfiguring injuries. Through telemedicine, we are able to provide follow up care after each surgery, as well as educational resources to health care providers and students around the world. With your donations we can connect with even more people who are suffering worldwide. Together, we transform lives.

  • The promotion of sustainable multidisciplinary health care and education. Accomplished through the combination of direct medical care and the establishment of an interactive telemedicine network between international sites.

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  • June Jornada – Tijuana Outreaches in 2014

    July 21, 2014

    Meet Camila.  She was one of five surgeries done during a ConnectMed International trip to Hospital Infantil de las Californias in June.  As part of a collaborative educational conference, students in UCSD’s Department of Plastic Surgery, Telemedicine Building had the opportunity to meet Camila and her mother over video conference.... Keep reading

  • If Not For You, a poem by Steve Octavian, ABC Clinic Translator

    June 17, 2014

    “IF NOT FOR YOU”.. Far from a distance, i hear a baby cry.. I have always wanted one,on this I can’t lie.. But how will he feed?,or even lick a candy.. With a cleft lip,like son like daddy.. Cannot deny the baby,it is my own son.. My wife cries to the Lord,I look up to the sun.. Father!, bible says we should be thankful.. But I have lost hope,on this am not grateful.. Am only 25,but already tired with stigmatization.. He is not even a day old,I fear his discrimination.. They isolate me at work,because I don’t speak properly.. They will isolate him in school,then my family divine in poverty.. Lonely life with no hope,my lip is a cleft.. What will my son be?,won’t he indulge in theft?.. I hear you do surgery,they call you connectMed.. But I have no money to pay,my wife a housemaid.. Now that am here,laying on the theater bed.. My son being firstly operated,don’t know what comes ahead.. Asleep so unconscious,can’t see what am passing through.. Upon opening my eyes,seeing my sons’ smile,our lips done,don’t know how to thank you.. Now that you are going,God bless you,goodbye.. Tears of joy drop from my eyes,as I cry.. Thank you Steve for translations,connectMed!,thank you.. I lost hope,my life was a misery,only if not for YOU. The poem ‘if not for you’ is an imaginary poem whereby I used the imaginary thinking, putting myself in a condition of a man born with cleft lip,whose life has been so tough since many isolated him because of the defect.... Keep reading

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